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Mr & Mrs Henderson

Lichfield Registry Office & Old Wyrley Hall | 27-02-2016

Our day started out at Mum & Dad’s house, we arrived just as Emma was jumping into the beauticians chair. The house was alive with activity, the children played happily as┬áthe grownups got their wedding outfits on. While Emma’s beautician added the final touches we took the oppertunity to snap some fantastic photographs of the bridesmaids and pageboy. I love to capture images before the wedding ceremony, its a really thrilling time, its also a part of the day the groom would otherwise not get to see. Sometimes those last moments before a father sees his daughter married are some of the most endearing images I capture. Having a daughter myself I can totally understand how Dad feels! Emma and Michael traveled to Lichfield registry office to make their wedding vows, it was a bright (but cold) spring day, the couple were met at the registry office by all their friends and family. As they made their vows in front of friends and family we made the most of the lovely surroundings, taking lots of beautiful photographs. After the service it was into the park next door for some more photographs with friends and family. I love to photograph at this location, having the park right next door does make it a really wonderful venue. Then it was onto the reception at Old Wyrley Hall, the room was beautifully decorated with pastel shades of pink and purple. I think you will agree they make a lovely couple.

Blog post published on 4th April 2016 @ 4:11 pm