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How to personalise your photoshoot


Incorporating personalised items or special trinkets into family photoshoots can add a unique and meaningful touch to the images, making them even more special and memorable. Here are some ways families can bring personalised items or special trinkets to their photoshoot:

1. **Heirloom Items**
Bringing heirloom items, such as a grandmother’s quilt, a vintage watch, or a piece of jewelry passed down through generations, can add a sense of history and connection to the family photos. These items not only enhance the aesthetic of the pictures but also serve as a tribute to family heritage and traditions.

2. **Personalized Props**
Families can include personalised props like custom signs with the family name, initials, or a meaningful quote. Items like engraved photo frames, custom blankets, or personalised ornaments can make the photos more intimate and reflective of the family’s identity.

3. **Favorite Toys and Books**
For families with young children, incorporating the kids’ favorite toys or books can make the photoshoot more comfortable and natural. These items can help capture the children’s personalities and current interests, creating a snapshot of a specific time in their lives.

4. **Hobby-Related Items**
If the family shares a common hobby or interest, bringing related items can add a fun and personal element to the shoot. For instance, a family that loves music might bring musical instruments, while avid readers could incorporate their favorite books. Sports equipment, art supplies, or travel souvenirs can also reflect the family’s shared passions.

5. **Seasonal and Holiday Decorations**
Depending on the time of year, families can bring seasonal or holiday decorations to enhance the theme of the photoshoot. For example, a Christmas photoshoot might include personalised ornaments, stockings, or a family tree, while a summer shoot could feature picnic baskets, beach toys.

6. **Clothing and Accessories**
Coordinating outfits with personalized touches, such as matching shirts with the family name or monogrammed scarves, can unify the group and add a stylish, cohesive look to the photos. Accessories like hats, belts, or shoes that have personal significance can also add a special touch.

7. **Handmade Crafts**
Including handmade crafts, such as a knitted blanket, a painted family portrait, or DIY decorations, can infuse the photos with creativity and love. These items showcase the family’s talents and efforts, making the images even more personal and cherished.

8. **Pets**
Pets are often considered family members, so including them in the photoshoot along with their favorite toys, collars, or outfits can make the pictures more complete and heartwarming. Pets add a playful and candid element to the session, resulting in spontaneous and genuine moments.

Tips for Incorporating Personal Items

– **Communicate with the Photographer:** Let the photographer know in advance about the items you plan to bring so they can prepare and suggest ways to incorporate them effectively.
– **Keep it Simple:** While personal items can enhance the photos, bringing too many can clutter the scene. Select a few meaningful items that best represent your family’s story.
– **Ensure Comfort:** Make sure that everyone, especially young children, is comfortable with the items. Familiar objects can help ease nerves and create a more relaxed atmosphere.
– **Think Ahead:** Consider the location and setting of the photoshoot. Choose items that complement the environment and can be easily transported.

Bringing personalised items or special trinkets to a family photoshoot can transform standard pictures into cherished keepsakes. These items infuse the photos with personal meaning and highlight the unique bond within the family, making the images truly one-of-a-kind.


Blog post published on 24th May 2024 @ 4:48 pm