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10-11 Market Place, Brewood ST19 9BS | 23-07-2021

Gosh, I need to blog more! It’s been too long, I know. No excuses, one a month now, so here we go. This is such a big deal, I cant believe it’s taken me a whole 12 months to write it here. Exciting news, we moved shops, yay! Don’t worry, we didn’t go far, we are right across the street at 10-11 Market Place. It’s a long story and it was a long wait for the new shop, sadly, in the middle of us and the seller exchanging contracts the shop ended up in probate. We knew it was where we wanted to be though, so we decided to wait it out. The sale took 11 months in the end and once we had it, the renovation was another 6 months. So during the first coronavirus lock down we renovated our new shop. In it’s previous life it was a card and gift shop, well used by the village and well loved. Luckily, when the owners sold the shop to us, the card shop moved two doors down, so we all got a new shop.

Those of you who know us, will know we love a renovation, this shop certainly gave us a challenge. It was full of damp and the layout and room configuration didn’t work at all for us. But we were, as ever, determined to make it the shop of our dreams, a place to be creative, comfortable for our clients and place to show off our fabulous wall arts. We decided, after much deliberation to go with a dark colour for the walls in reception, viewing room and rest room, the dark colour really helps to set off the portraits. We also wanted to keep it light and modern and have a contrast to the dark wall, so decided to add a pink paint to the colour scheme. The furniture selected was all rich bright colours, luxurious velvets to give the room a soft side against the concret tiled floor.

So after six months of dust, dirt, noise, delays and expense we had a the shop we had always wanted. Couldn’t have done it without some absolutely fantastic trades, who worked so hard to make our dream a reality. Thanks to everyone involved.

http://www.townsend-interiors.co.uk – Bespoke joinery

http://www.ashelectrical.net – Electrics and lighting

https://www.colliscarpets.co.uk – Flooring





Blog post published on 23rd July 2021 @ 7:54 pm