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Preparing for your maternity photoshoot

Shutter & Co. Photography | 06-11-2023

Title: Preparing for Your Maternity Photoshoot: A Comprehensive Guide


The journey of pregnancy is a beautiful and transformative experience. As you await the arrival of your little one, capturing this special time through maternity photography can be a cherished keepsake for years to come. At Shutter & Co., we understand the importance of capturing the essence of your pregnancy, and we are excited to guide you through the process of preparing for your maternity photoshoot.

We offer a range of stunning gowns, props, and materials that will help you achieve the perfect look, whether you prefer a dramatic or softer style. But preparation is key to ensure that your maternity photoshoot is a memorable and enjoyable experience. Here are some tips to help you get ready for your session.

  1. Choose Your Attire

At Shutter & Co., we have an array of beautiful maternity gowns that can make you look and feel radiant during your photoshoot. You can select from our range of gowns to match your personal style and the overall mood you want to convey in your photos. Whether you opt for an elegant, flowy gown or something more form-fitting, we have options to suit every taste.

If you want to create a more casual or versatile look, consider bringing your own wardrobe. A pair of denim jeans paired with an oversized white shirt can create a comfortable, down-to-earth appearance. For an edgier twist, don’t hesitate to mix it up with a sexy leather jacket look. Remember, the choice is yours, and we’re here to help you bring your vision to life.

  1. Essential Undergarments

To ensure that you feel confident and comfortable during your maternity photoshoot, it’s crucial to pay attention to your undergarments. Bring a variety of underwear options in different colors to match your outfits. This allows you to change seamlessly between wardrobe choices without worrying about visible lines or colors showing through.

Nipple covers and a strapless bra can also be invaluable. They provide essential support while preventing any unwanted distractions in your photos. These small additions can make a significant difference in the final outcome of your maternity pictures.

  1. Props and Accessories

To add a personal touch to your maternity photoshoot, consider incorporating props and accessories that hold special meaning to you. Whether it’s a pair of baby booties, a cherished teddy bear, or a bouquet of your favorite flowers, these elements can add depth and sentiment to your photos.

At Shutter & Co., we have a collection of props that can enhance the visual storytelling of your maternity session. Our photographers are skilled at incorporating these items to create beautiful, memorable moments in your photographs.

  1. Relax and Enjoy

Above all, the key to a successful maternity photoshoot is to relax and enjoy the experience. Pregnancy is a unique and fleeting period in your life, and capturing it through photography allows you to celebrate and cherish this remarkable time.

Our experienced photographers at Shutter & Co. will ensure that you feel at ease and confident throughout the session. We strive to create a comfortable and enjoyable environment where your natural beauty and radiance shine through.


Preparing for your maternity photoshoot should be an exciting and stress-free process. At Shutter & Co., we are dedicated to making your experience as memorable and enjoyable as possible. Our range of gowns, props, and materials will help you achieve the look you desire, whether it’s dramatic or soft, while your personal wardrobe choices allow for a more casual or edgy vibe.

Remember to come with your hair and makeup however you like it for the shoot, bring different color underwear, nipple covers, and a strapless bra for added comfort and flexibility during the session. And don’t forget to explore our website gallery to get inspiration from our previous maternity photoshoots.

We can’t wait to capture the beauty of your pregnancy journey. Contact us today to schedule your maternity photoshoot and create lasting memories that you and your family will cherish forever.


Blog post published on 6th November 2023 @ 3:31 pm