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The Enchanted Forest

| 12-03-2019

One hundred years ago, two girls went down to the stream at the bottom of a garden in Cottingley, England, and took some photographs of fairies. The fairies were paper cut-outs, which Elsie Wright, age 16, had copied from a children’s book. She and 10-year-old Frances Griffiths took turns posing with the sprites. Inspired by the image created by the children we have hand crafted a beautiful woodland scene at our studio in Brewood. Our Fairy Tale photography sessions allow your child to escape to an enchanted forest and explore his or her imaginary world. This shoot is suitable for boys & girls from 1 year. Our photographer will work with your child as they explore the magic of the enchanted forest, capturing beautiful classic styled photographs as they move around the set. Following the shoot, we will then arrange a date for you to return to the studio to see the fantastic results, projected cinema style onto our big screen! Sit back, relax and enjoy seeing the selection of images that have added magic and special enchanted forest



Blog post published on 12th March 2019 @ 5:02 pm